Mycon Quotes

We are part of Juffo-Wup.

Juffo-Wup is the hot light in the darkness.

All else is unfulfilled Void.

The source of Juffo-Wup is at 629.1, 220.8.

We are the Mycon.

A single spore lands, finds nourishment in decay and attains maturity..

In turn it exhales a cloud of life, a thousand spores land... so progresses Juffo-Wup.

Our bodies seethe with the passion of our genes.

A thousand of your species do not possess the richness in one of my cells.

I fill with my parents' parents' parents' parents' parents' parents' parents

I am they -- they are us. Then, and now.

The Deep Children are part of Juffo-Wup -- home builders.

The dwellers in the Mohorovichic.

I am Dugee

I am the purity monitor

I choose what buds are permitted to mature

and which must be eradicated

I died of general misfunction 57,283 years ago.

A cold rock, spinning silently in the Void, a womb for the Children.

Pulsing hot liquid flows through my outstretched tendrils, sending thrills into my interior

The moment has come. I swell and burst.

Above me a cloud of whispering life whirls through the air.

I am content.

The Juffo-Wup is strong in this place.

Your simple sexual process produces random mosaics of genetic instructions

yet with the simplicity of breath, I modify my own patterns

You humans improve a tool and double your capabilities

We Mycon improve ourselves and increase a thousand-fold.

The Deep Children!

Spears of light in the darkness!

Their discarded husks speak of joy to come.

I have chosen my offsprings' memories carefully from my set of remembrances

the sweet and warm times of my existence and those of my parents' parents' parents

the bits of a million lifetimes coalesced into a birth gift of complete awareness.

In the dark they grow, the deep fire feeds the Children.

Their birth breathes warmth across a cold world.

`...the system requires more energy. A convenient source lies beneath the crust...'

We look to Juffo-Wup for direction, and it provides the pattern

endless expansion with purity of achievement and intolerance of error.

I am Shloosh

I was incinerated fourteen thousand Earth years ago

I live now, for but a moment

and then, I am gone.

`...incorporation of dense amphibole fibers ensure survival in environmental extremes...'

I yearn for magma

the flowing warm basalts

the red glow of the lava pools.

When we encounter the Non, we must absorb the Non or reject the Non so that it is no longer Non.

`...entry of noise into the signal is unavoidable. We must include a filtering mechanism...'

Cessation of an individual is unavoidable

a consequence of existence

yet with the birth of life, individuality is transferred in part

and may occasionally gain dominance for an interval

achieving a kind of shared immortality.

`...Survival is a priority. Expansion is a priority. Processing is a priority...'

Juffo-Wup acknowledges the existence of un-Voidable Non

when we are faced with such, we join, absorb and wait for our opportunity

to learn the weakness that will allow us to Void the Non.

At times, I meet another, who shares with me the life of parent inside the mind

and if we speak this fragment is predominant in the both of us

self meets self with occasionally enlightening results.

The Podships thrum with the plasma containment field

whose offspring seek to transform the Non to Void

the fields grow tighter, and tighter

the bass rumble of the generators rises gradually to a high burning scream

sudden silence and a flash of light announce release

the hot pulsing subsides slowly.

The Deep Children fall from the Void, gathering speed for the penetration

The tough casing warms as it passes through the atmosphere, glowing white as it hits the surface

solid rock flows like liquid, and the child slips into the warm, safe depths beneath the crust.

`...look... think... act... look... learn... remember... teach...look... think...'

The implantation fleet has assembled in orbit above the green world

the patterns of weakness reveal the point of introduction

The Child is prepared for its birthing trip


I am Gussh

I attend the birthing nodes

I died 343 Earth years ago

I do not know how.

When Juffo-Wup is complete

when at last there is no Void or Non

when the Creators return

then we can finally rest.

Darkness is Void

Juffo-Wup is light.

`... planetary transformer biot 94-18: take your place at the dais...'

You are the Non. You must go now, and never return.

Juffo-Wup fills in my fibers and I grow turgid. Violent action ensues.

Juffo-Wup is All... omni-existent, spreading and changing the Non into Juffo-Wup.

You are the Non, who must become Juffo-Wup or Void.

We are the agents of Juffo-Wup.

Mycon. Please try to understand. We wish peace between our peoples.

I wonder how you would taste, fried in butter?

You know, I probably have some of your relatives between my toes!

Time to die.

You're not paying any attention to me, are you?

I don't suppose there's a chance that you'll actually respond to what I am saying, is there?

Is that a rock you're sitting on, or do you just have a big butt?

I can't believe I'm trying to have a conversation with a hot fungus.

Stop wiggling those... those... whatever they are!

Where's the Absorbine Junior when you need it?

Helloo? Ugly! Can you hear me?

Don't trouble yourself. I'll see myself out.

Begone from our special place.

This is a special place

filled with Juffo-Wup.

But it is not the source.

Juffo-Wup springs forth from 629.1, 220.8.

We must not allow this place to be soiled by the Non.

You must go. Now.

You have returned to our special place.

This is not permissible.


What makes this world so special to you?

Juffo-Wup is the power of life... hot warmth in the cold Void.

It flows through all things, binding them together, making them one.

You are Non-Juffo-Wup, you cannot understand.

Below is the pod of Juffo-Wup -- there for a thousand centuries.

When we are cold, the pod opens and warms us.

When it is dark, the pod clenches and lo, there is light.

You are the Non. The pod is not for you. You must leave.

I have business on this world. Move aside.

Juffo-Wup flows through Time and Space. It cannot be stopped by mere energy blasts.

However, you are Non -- not part of Juffo-Wup.

You CAN be destroyed by energy blasts

Let us demonstrate.

Goodbye, fungus-boys!

You are an obstruction to Juffo-Wup

You must be removed.

What can you tell me about your species?

Well then, what can you tell us of your history?

Why are you unwilling to address my questions?

Let's be friends.

We have come to your homeworld to seek a truce.

Heinous fungus! Submit to our will!

We'll just be going now.

You have taken something from us which we value

something which is important to Juffo-Wup.

We require the Solar Manipulator.

We will take it back from you now!

You have taken something from us which we value... which is important to Juffo-Wup.

Return the Solar Manipulator.

Juffo-Wup is All

but you are not a part of Juffo-Wup

therefore you must cease existence.

We shall make you cease to exist, for Juffo-Wup.

You impede the flow of Juffo-Wup through the Universe.

We will now remove this clog

we will now aid Juffo-Wup by eliminating you!.

There is a world at the star Organon. I believe it is perfect for your Deep Children.

Your suggestion is appropriate.

Acceptable new worlds are a priority for the rapid and complete spread of Juffo-Wup.

We wish to know more for suitability assessment

Tell us of this world.

Its air is pure and sweet.

This is good.

Abundant life covers its surface.

This is good.

The sun gently warms the surface.

This is good.

If your words are true, we will gladly spread Juffo-Wup to a new world!

We will assemble the Birthing Fleet and send them to this planet.

We will send many ships to protect the Children as they grow.

You have been of service to us.

Your insight into the ineffable Juffo-Wup is encouraging.

Perhaps, if we were to plant spore sacs in your brain organ

and let its tendrils spread through your flesh

then you would truly understand Juffo-Wup... become part of Juffo-Wup.

You WOULD be happier and more fulfilled. Consider our offer.

Have you visited the planet I told you about?

We have experienced unforeseen delays implanting Deep Children beneath the crust of Organon 1.

However, Juffo-Wup is inevitable. The Deep Children WILL be born.

Why are the Shattered Worlds found only in your region of space?

These are the homes of the Deep Children.

We do not interpret the will of Juffo-Wup.

Only the source is so empowered.

Until instructed otherwise, Juffo-Wup requires that we remain here.

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