Earthling Quotes

Attention unidentified space vessel!

I am Starbase Commander Hayes of the slave planet Earth.

our hyperwave broadcasts -- extremely weak

situation critical -- energy cores exhausted

scanners and deep radar are non-functional

we cannot identify your vessel

Are you the scheduled Hierarchy resupply ship?

Repeat, are you the resupply vessel?

No, this is the starship {Ship name}, but we stand ready to assist you.

The starship what?

Never mind -- look, we won't last much longer. Here is our situation

According to our Oath of Fealty to the Ur-Quan, we must maintain this starbase

but, we have no space vessels of our own

and the shield prevents us from contacting Earth

so we are totally dependent on the Ur-Quan supply vessels for everything we need up here.

We know there is a Hierarchy base on the surface of the moon, but we can't contact them.

The Ur-Quan were supposed to resupply this base at regular, five year intervals

but we haven't received anything in almost eight years!

What we don't recycle we can usually synthesize

but to do so, we need replacement radioactives for our generators' energy cores.

If you could bring us some radioactive elements, we can fabricate the cores ourselves.

Are you willing to help us!?

Uh.. yes, this IS the resupply vessel. What do you need resupplied?

Well, it's about damn time!

In the Fealty agreement the Ur-Quan promised that this station would be resupplied

at least every five years, and its been over eight since we last saw you!

If you had arrived a few weeks later, there wouldn't have been anyone alive on this station

never mind...just begin your transfer of materials immediately, starting with the radioactives.

Er..., oh dang! Wouldn't you know it; we're plumb out of those.


What kind of idiot sent you out here without replacements for our energy cores!?

It's amazing that we've kept the generators online for as long as we have!

Look, you had better get those radioactives right away

or all the other supplies are pretty damn pointless, since we'll be too dead to use them!

Actually I lied, this isn't the resupply vessel. Sorry.

`Slave planet!' `Hierarchy resupply vessel!' What is going on here?

Look, I don't know who you are or why you're here

but right now the only thing I'm worried about

is saving the lives of the 1900 men and women aboard this starbase

and right now you're our only hope.

I can't keep the transmitter on too much longer -- we need the power for heat and air

so if you don't have any radioactives on board your vessel

please get some and bring them back here before it's too late.

Where can we find the radioactive elements you need?

Where can we acquire radioactives?

The fastest way to get radioactives in this system would be to land on Mercury

and scour the surface for deposits of radioactive elements.

But be careful. Mercury is a pretty inhospitable place!

Watch out for earthquakes and hotspots.

We will leave now and bring back the elements you require.

We will leave now to find the elements you require.

Thanks! I'll make sure to mention this the next time I talk with our masters

I'm sure they will reward you.

Did you find any radioactive elements for our power cores?

What will you give us in exchange for radioactives?

I'm sorry, Captain, your message was garbled. Our receivers have very little power.

Before we help you, we require certain information.

I couldn't quite make that out, Captain. Could you please repeat?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our only landing vehicle was destroyed. Can you replace it?

Manufacturing a new lander for you will use most of what little resources we have left

but I suppose we have no choice.

We will transport the new lander vehicle immediately.

Um... er... well... We lost another lander.


You lost another lander!?

We shall build another, but DON'T LOSE THIS ONE, OKAY!

Due to an unforeseen fuel shortage, we are unable to complete our mission.

We do have a small amount of Starship fuel which is of no use to our power systems.

We will now transport 5 units to your vessel.

This should be sufficient for a trip to the surface of Mercury.

Boy, mileage sure does vary. Could you spare us some more fuel?

We are almost out of fuel now, but we do have a BIT more.

You will have to be more careful with this supply.

Transporting fuel now.

We are ready to transfer radioactives.

We are initiating transfer of radioactives, Captain.

Now, as soon as our engineers can refit the energy cores

there, that's much better. Power ratings are climbing, life support is coming back into the green.

Deep radar systems and sensors are now online and I can scan your vessel.


Just who ARE you, Captain?

I am Captain {Name} of the starship {Ship name}. We are the survivors of a Star Control science research team to the Vela star system.

Star Control science mission, eh?

Captain, I served as a Star Control officer during the war, aboard several cruisers on the Coreward Front

and if there had been any 'scientific mission' to Vela

I would have heard about it.

The mission was highly secret.

Hmmm... you know, come to think of it

there were some rumors that Corridor Nine, the special operations division of Star Control

was directing some hush-hush operation out near Androsynth space.

The Vela star system... yes, that would be in the right direction

So, Captain... if what you say is true

how do you explain that huge, alien starship you're flying

and why you are here? What do you want from us?

We have returned to Earth to give you the technological secrets of the Precursors, and to help you fight the Hierarchy.

Ahh...fight the Ur-Quan! Win back our freedom!

I remember having such thoughts myself...once, a long time ago.

But that was in the first years after the defeat, when it was still terrifying to look up

and see the bloody glow of the pulsating slave shield overhead.

Through day and night we gazed up at that impenetrable wall

as though the sheer power of our hatred would pull it down.

But over the years, I spent so much of my time struggling --

-- down on the surface under the shield and then later up here, trying to keep this station alive --

-- that I'd forgotten what it means to be free... to hate our Ur-Quan Masters!

And now, here you are, in an alien ship of unknown power,

offering me your assistance to fight against the Hierarchy again, after all these years.


your offer is intriguing.

It's tempting to think that with your advanced Precursor technology

we can somehow crack Earth's slave shield

and reassemble the Alliance to attack the Hierarchy, and THIS time win the damn war!

But... consider the consequences if we should fail.

The Ur-Quan won't just punish us here at this station.

They will exact a gruesome retribution on the surface below as well.

Before I commit this station to helping you attack the Ur-Quan

and accepting the risk of annihilation if we are defeated

I have to be sure that you and your ship have what it takes to oppose the Hierarchy.

I'll make you a deal.

If you can eliminate the alien base on the moon, and get rid of that threat, at least

I will seriously consider your offer.

What details can you give us about the base on the moon?

After the Ur-Quan erected the slave shield around Earth, and established this space station

they decided to leave a contingent of combat ships close to Earth

to keep watch on our planet and confirm that we were obeying the Ur-Quan slave laws.

I'm certain they're still out there on the surface of the moon

because we can pick up a constant stream of alien broadcasts.

Could you tell me again about the Hierarchy base on the moon?

As I said before, after the Ur-Quan erected the slave shield around Earth and assembled this space station

they decided to leave a contingent of Spathi and Ilwrath ships stationed on the moon.

We have looked at the moonbase through our telescopes and can confirm that there is still substantial activity down there

but we have never been able to make contact with the base using either the HyperWave `Caster

or traditional radio signals.

We shall go now and neutralize the base.

Be careful, Captain.

There are probably a dozen Spathi Eluders and Ilwrath Avengers down there on the lunar surface.

I don't know why they haven't come after you yet

but when they do, you'd better have your weapons armed, and your thrusters burning hot.

Now we're ready to take care of the moon base, Commander.

Good luck.

Have you dealt with the base yet?

We, uh... attacked the moonbase, and completely destroyed the enemy!

You fought them, Captain!? I hope you didn't suffer serious casualties?

Er... oh, yes! It was a very vicious fight.

I'm delighted to hear it, Captain. I wish I could have been there.

It was too horrible for words. I just can't talk about it right now.

I'm sure the experience was disturbing.

We found the base, but it was abandoned years ago.

Actually I lied. We found it abandoned.

I'll be darned!

All these years we've been listening to their incoherent broadcasts, and we never even guessed.

Captain, listen closely!

Long range sensors show a ship closing on this station, fast!

Our computer identifies it as Ilwrath, Avenger-class.

I think you've got a fight on your hands, Captain.

Your best bet is to wait until it's at point bl-nk r-nge

C-pt-in! It's ja-min- ou- s-gn-l!...

What a beautiful sight, Captain!

I haven't seen an Avenger blown away like that since the Battle in Draco.

I guess you've shown that you can handle yourself in a battle, Captain

so my last reservation about helping you has been dissolved.

I will commit this station to helping you free Earth and defeat the Ur-Quan.

We may get our atoms rearranged in the process, but by God, Captain, we're going to try!


the obvious first step is to get your Precursor equipment and software over here

where we can make it work with our ship repair fabricators.

But then what, Captain?

Then, Commander, we will proceed to kick some major alien butt!

Ha-ha..yes, Captain, we'll do just that!

Er... trust me Commander, I have a plan... a really good plan! But for now it must remain a secret.

If you feel this is necessary Captain, I understand.

We will slowly build our strength, unify an allied starfleet, and bring the Ur-Quan to their knee-equivalents.

A sensible plan, Captain. Let's get to work.

By the way Captain, I think we need a name for this new alliance we're going to forge.

Since this was your idea, it's only fair that you have the honor of naming it.

So, what will it be?

The New Alliance of Free Stars!

Okay, that sounds pretty inspiring. So be it - The New Alliance of Free Stars!

The Concordance of Alien Nations!

Very well. From this day forward, we are The Concordance of Alien Nations!

The United Federation of Worlds!

That has a familiar ring to it... nonetheless, we will make it so - The United Federation of Worlds!

The Empire of {Name}!

Ulp! Well... you're the one with the big starship.

So be it - The Empire of {Name}!

Now Captain, I expect the configuration process for this starbase

to take at least 2 weeks, so let's get to work...

I need you to explain a few things.

Okay, what do you want to know?

To begin with, what is the purpose of this starbase?

Ur-Quan slave law requires that we maintain an orbital space platform

to assist Hierarchy vessels which are in need of repairs or fuel.

Since the shield around Earth cuts us off completely from the planet

we are dependent on Ur-Quan resupply ships for our non-renewable resources.

The resupply vessels are supposed to arrive every five years

at which time the Ur-Quan somehow penetrate the shield and exchange those of us up here

with replacement personnel from the surface.

What is that strange red glow around Earth?

When the Alliance lost the war, the Ur-Quan gave Earth a single choice

join the Hierarchy as Battle Thralls and fight for the Ur-Quan to enslave other sentient species

or become `fallow' slaves, and be forever imprisoned on a single world

encased in an impenetrable energy shield here on Earth.

We chose not to fight for the Ur-Quan.

Where are the Ur-Quan now?

Soon after Earth accepted the Ur-Quan's Oath of Fealty, they departed,

leaving behind a battle group of Spathi and Ilwrath ships based on the moon.

Commander, what was that red, fast-moving object in orbit around Earth?

That was the Ur-Quan Security Drone. It keeps an eye on us.

Captain, what happened to the spy drone!?

When we approached, it transmitted a warning and warped into Hyperspace.

Oh no. Right now it's probably cruising through HyperSpace

heading right towards the closest Hierarchy outpost.

When the Ur-Quan find out that you are here, they will send a combat fleet instantly!

Er... we destroyed it! Yessiree, blew it to bits.

Whew! That was a close one. If that probe had gotten away -- up into HyperSpace

we'd be up to our ears in Dreadnoughts in no time.

What a relief!

Uh, I meant a different red thing. Never mind.

If that probe gets back to the Ur-Quan, Captain, we are BOTH in deep trouble!

We must leave now. I shall tell you more when we return.


Goodbye Commander.

Hurry back, Captain.

I have good news to report, Captain.

We have successfully integrated the Precursor technology from your ship into our fabricator system

and as you can see, we have already begun minor repairs on the {Ship name}, patching up some micro-meteorite holes.

We noticed that your ship does not have an emergency warp escape unit

so our engineers rigged some up for you and each of your escorts.

Now you should be able to escape from a bad situation

with the touch of a button. There is a cost, however

the unit gulps 5 fuel units each time your Precursor ship uses it.

Also, we now have a limited capacity to make modifications to your ship,

to refine starship fuel, to build additional combat ships

and to train new crew members for the {Ship name} and any ships you acquire for your fleet.

Captain, I know you're eager to get to work, so I'll be brief.

If you have any questions -- how this Starbase works, what resources we need

or just some background information on the galaxy -- don't hesitate to ask.

Welcome back, Captain {Name}.

Greetings, Captain {Name}. I am ready to assist you.

It's good to see you again, Captain {Name}.

Ah, Captain {Name}, I'm glad you're back.

Hello Captain {Name}.

I am at your disposal, Captain {Name}.

Captain {Name}. I'm glad you made it back in one piece.

I hope the battle fares well, Captain {Name}.

Yes, Captain?

I need some additional background information.

Certainly, Captain. What do you need to know?

Would you elaborate on the starbase's facilities?

We can modify your Precursor starship, build additional combat vessels

and supply you with fuel and crew.

What can you do to enhance and modify the {Ship name}?

Our engineers and Precursor specialists agree with the scientists from your world

that your starship was designed to be a 'workhorse' vehicle

which can be easily reconfigured for different missions

by adding or swapping self-contained equipment packs which we call 'modules'.

The modules we can build right now are:

Thruster units which make your ship move faster.

Attitude Jets which allow you to rotate your ship more quickly.

Crew Pods which provide life-support facilities for up to 50 additional crew members.

Storage Bays which increase your ship's cargo capacity for mineral resources.

Fuel Tanks which hold an additional 50 units of fuel

Dynamos which feed energy into your combat energy batteries, improving your weapons' rate of fire.

And last but not least

Ion-Bolt Guns - combat weaponry, the exact function of which depends on its location aboard ship

when put in the first, or front, module slot, it fires a single shot forward

when put in the second slot, it fires two shots spread to the left and right of center

when put in the third slot, it fires two shots directly left and right

and when put in the last, or rear, slot, it fires a single shot straight backwards.

How will I get fuel for the {Ship name}?

This base was designed to service Hierarchy ships.

Fortunately, your flagship uses the same stabilized antimatter technology as Hierarchy vessels

and we will be able to synthesize what you need.

However, due to the size of your ship, we will have to produce vast quantities of fuel

which will be a substantial drain on our resources.

How can I assemble a fleet of fighting ships?

Our shipyard facilities are sophisticated and fully automated,

permitting a handful of starbase personnel to do the same job

as five-hundred, vac-suited construction workers. However,

the only designs we had in our computers were incomplete, Hierarchy ship designs.

Things looked grim until one of my officers came forward with an amazing story.

Even though the Ur-Quan destroyed every Earthling Cruiser in the fleet nearly 20 years ago

one of my maintenance engineers was a starship production assistant at the Detroit shipyards.

When Earth was conquered, she was ordered to destroy all ship-construction databases.

But she secretly made copies of the blueprint disks, and has kept them with her ever since.

These disks contain all the data we need to build as many Earthling Cruisers as you want

provided you, Captain, can supply the large amounts of mineral resources required to build the vessels.

In theory, Captain, we could build alien starships here if we had designs for them

however, it is a well known fact that alien vessels just can't be flown in combat

without native starship captains at the helm.

How will we acquire additional personnel for my ship?

We have almost 2000 highly-motivated, skilled professionals aboard this starbase

and every single one of them wants a berth aboard the {Ship name}. However, each hand we lose to your ship means less manpower here at the starbase

and this is reflected in the Crew RU cost.

As long as you don't lose too many crew members to combat or planet exploration

the RU cost will remain static; but we have only so many warm bodies on this starbase

and if your needs for crew grow beyond a certain point

the cost could increase dramatically.

Would you please explain your resource allocation system?

As you know, Captain, we have committed the entire output of this station

to building your flagship and your battle fleet into the stongest force possible; however

our resources are very limited, and we feel YOU must decide

how we are to spend our effort and materials.

To aid you in making these decisions, we have implemented a resource allocation scheme.

We provide you with a numerical assessment of the station's resources

and ascribe a cost to each task we can perform and each device we can build.

It's up to you to decide how you are going to 'spend' your resource units or 'RU' as we call them.

To acquire more RU, you must bring resources back to the starbase.

These resources can be either in the form of mineral ores gathered from planet surfaces

or already-refined metals and other valuable materials from the wreckage of enemy starships.

What kind of resources are most useful to our mission?

The most straight-forward way to accumulate Resource Units

is to bring mineral ores back to this starbase.

There are probably enough resources in just the nearby dozen stars

to build your ship into a powerful battleship, or

to create a strong task force of combat vessels.

I would also recommend that you build several additional Storage Bays.

When gathering minerals, focus on 'cleaning-out' one star system at a time.

This way, you minimize the cost of travel through HyperSpace.

What use are our planet landers' lifeform analysis features?

While I respect the search for abstract knowledge

frankly, Captain, in our present circumstances I see little use for such data here.

Perhaps you can make use of biological information elsewhere.

You have answered my questions on this topic.

What else can I tell you?

I would like some historical data.

What aspect of history, Captain?

I would like to know about the other starfaring races.

Which group of aliens?

The members of the old Alliance.

Okay, which race?

The Shofixti.

The Shofixti are a race of intelligent marsupials who had been `civilized' for only a few decades when the War began.

They were discovered in the Delta Gorno star system by the Yehat

who adopted and then `uplifted' the Shofixti, giving them advanced technology and cultural definition.

Shofixti are noble and fearless Warriors, Captain. In addition, their incredible fecundity and rapid maturation rate

kept Alliance ranks solid even at the worst part of the War.

You know, I once flew as an observer aboard one of their ships

on routine patrol; we never even saw the enemy

but I could never stop thinking about the `Glory Device' it had strapped to the bottom of its hull.

The Yehat.

The Yehat are a race of ancient warrior clans who have been travelling the stars for many centuries.

The clans are highly competitive and sometimes even wage war on each other;

but the clans are all loyal to the Queen and her royal family, known as the Veep-Zeeps.

The Veep-Zeeps have been in power for over 2,000 years, and it is said that during their rule

the Yehat have never lost a battle.

The Arilou.

I like to think I'm not a bigoted person, Captain, especially when it comes to allies

but there is just something about those Arilou that gives me the creeps.

One thing I'll say for them, though. They possess some technique for moving REALLY fast through HyperSpace.

They never let us know what it was, but it sure beat the pants off our fastest ships.

The Chenjesu.

The Chenjesu were the leaders of the Alliance, even though they refused to accept formally the title.

I don't know if their silicon-based biology is just plain superior to our old carbon models

or if their fantastic intellects were the product of an ancient, peaceful culture.

Whatever the reason, I'd rather be taking orders from a Chenjesu than any other lifeform, absolutely.

One of the more amazing things about them was that they never used HyperWave communicators.

They could send such messages naturally

and their natural HyperWave receptors were much more sensitive than even our best units.

The Mmrnmhrm.

We didn't really get much of a chance to learn about those mechanical beings,

but I'll tell you what I know.

They are the product of a distant, unknown culture

who sent a giant Factory-Ark into our region of space many centuries ago.

The Mother-Ark (that's what Earth Press called it) churned out millions of the robots and then finally broke down.

I don't know why the Mmrnmhrm didn't repair the Mother-Ark, maybe they can't.

My personal guess as to why they were sent here is that they are the leading edge of a colonization project

and once the Mmrnmhrm have tamed enough new worlds, the genuine colonists -- whoever they are

will arrive to claim their due.

The Syreen.

Most raw recruits see the Syreen as nothing more than warm, breathing pin-ups.

Warm they are, and yes, they do breathe most magnificently

but Captain, they are far more than simple joy units.

Their history shows that the Syreen established and maintained a peaceful culture

from their Bronze Age through their discovery of starflight.

Before their planet was destroyed in a horrible cataclysm, their world was an Eden.

That is enough about the Alliance for now.

What other group of aliens are you interested in?

The battle thralls in the Hierarchy.

Which species?

The Ur-Quan.

Our enemy is cunning, relentless and possesses technology superior to all but, perhaps

that found aboard your starship.

The Ur-Quan are born, live and die for one purpose only:

the subjugation of all other intelligent life in the galaxy.

Why? I don't know.

They would probably have an easier time just destroying intelligence

but they are very careful not to use more force than is necessary to achieve their victim's submission.

I'd sure like to know what made those wormy bastards as twisted as they are

and I'd like to know why they keep on the move, never stopping longer than it takes

to enslave whomever they find.

The Mycon.

The Mycon are hard to get a handle on.

In fact, I'm not sure any human has ever had a real conversation with a Mycon.

What we know of them we have learned from their corpses, which, I may add

have a nasty habit of coming back to life when thawed out from a decompression quick-freeze.

Mycon ships seem to expend a significant amount of energy on life support.

This is probably because the Mycon only thrive in temperatures close to the melting point of lead.

As far as we know, the Mycon are the only race to seek out actively the Ur-Quan

in order to become combat slaves.

The Spathi.

Imagine facing a cowardly, mobile clam armed with a howitzer

and you've got a good idea of what it's like dealing with a Spathi.

Although they tend to avoid battles as much as their masters will allow

once in battle, a Spathi Eluder is one tough cookie.

I once heard a rumor, though I don't believe it myself,

that a rogue band of courageous Spathi broke away from the main starfleet,

painted their ships black with bright red stripes

and formed the `Black Spathi Squadron', dedicated to performing brave and hostile deeds.

Like I said, I'd have to see it to believe it.

The Umgah.

It's unfortunate that the Umgah fell to the Ur-Quan so early in the War

because I suspect we would have gotten along well with those big blob creatures;

at the very least it would have been entertaining.

We know them a bit better than most races, because they were eager to talk with our ships

before, after, and during battle.

The Arilou intimated that they had a relationship with the Umgah before the Ur-Quan arrived

but I don't know any details.

The Androsynth.

When I was flying combat missions along the Coreward Front

there was nothing we feared more than an Androsynth Hit-And-Run Squadron.

Their Blazer starships were more than a match for our cruisers

so we stayed clear of Eta Vulpeculae, their home star.

In addition, I think each of us aboard ship knew deep down in our hearts

that the Androsynth had damn good reasons for hating us.

Our grandparents had kept them as slaves for nearly 50 years.

The VUX.

The starship Far Voyager, under the command of Captain Jeffry L. Rand, encountered the VUX near Beta Mira.

Although the details are hazy, it is generally accepted that Rand offended the VUX starship Commander

with an inadvertent insult.

The resulting tension delayed the VUX entry into the Alliance long enough

for the Ur-Quan to enter the region in force and subjugate the VUX.

With the VUX on their side, the Hierarchy grew strong enough to attack the Alliance

the rest, as they say, is history.

The Ilwrath.

I still have nightmares about one of the Spiders -- an Ilwrath --

taking me prisoner -- using me in one of their sick sacrifices to Dogar and Kazon

their twin gods of destruction and torment.

Those guys were almost as scary as the Androsynth to those of us on deep-space patrol.

Their Avenger starships could appear out of nowhere and melt a Cruiser down to slag in seconds.

Luckily for us, the bulk of the Ilwrath fleet was thrown against the Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm.

That's enough information about the Hierarchy.

What other group of aliens are you interested in?

Were there any alien races who weren't in the War?

None that we had made formal contact with.

The Chenjesu implied that they had met at least 2 other starfaring species

one near the Giclas constellation, and the other directly coreward from Procyon.

The Ariloulaleelay once mentioned having 'some fun' with an alien race in Draconis

but like so much else with the Arilou, they never revealed the whole story.

I am sure there are hundreds more alien races in our galaxy,

but beyond what I have just told you, your guess is as good as mine.

I have sufficient information on this subject.

Would you like information on any other aspect of history?

I am interested in the War against the Hierarachy.

What about the War?

How did the War with the Ur-Quan start?

Earth got involved late in the game, in 2112, when the Chenjesu arrived in our solar system for the first time

so let's back up a few years to 2098

when the Chenjesu's super-sensitive receivers detected a strange signal from the Ophiuchi constellation.

Though even the Chenjesu didn't know it, this was the first sign of the Ur-Quan's arrival.

The Ur-Quan, having detected the presence of many sentient species, were beaming out an exultant hunting cry.

The first direct evidence of the Ur-Quan's intent

was the sudden conquest of the Umgah, a solitary, though not unfriendly, species in the Orionis constellation.

The Chenjesu, distraught by the invasion, were further angered when the Ur-Quan

turned their fleets on the hostile but weak Ilwrath race.

A hastily assembled defense force of Mmrnmhrm and Chenjesu vessels turned the Ur-Quan fleet aside

but the invader moved into Spathi space, rapidly subjugating that race.

With each new conquest, the Ur-Quan fleet grew larger as it added slave vessels to its ranks.

Earth joined the Chenjesu to form the Alliance of Free Stars at about the same time as

the Androsynth stars fell to the Ur-Quan armada.

Before the ink was dry on our agreement with the Chenjesu in 2116

a new race appeared in orbit around the moon and asked for admittance to the Alliance

it was the Ariloulaleelay.

The timing seemed unusual and the Arilou were definitely weird, looking like the Saucer Men from Mars

but we were so busy cranking up our moth-balled heavy industry

that we didn't really pay it much attention at the time.

What happened during the War?

At the start of the war, here on Earth we were working like crazy

churning out hundreds of heavy Cruisers and smaller support vehicles.

The Ur-Quan were busy too. Unbeknownst to us, they had moved down toward the Luyten star group

and were attacking the VUX, who only the Yehat knew even existed.

Our botched first contact with the VUX took place in 2119

and it was the biggest single mistake we made during the War.

After defeating the VUX, the Ur-Quan fleets ran smack into the combined might of the Yehat and Shofixti

supported by the first wave of our cruisers.

Again the Ur-Quan turned away from the hard spot to attack the weak, though we just thought they were running away.

In fact, the Ur-Quan had found another independent alien race, the Mycon, in the Brahe constellation.

The Mycon's voluntary submission to the Ur-Quan brought the return of the Ur-Quan fleets

now swollen with a hundred devastating Mycon Podships.

The last entrants to the conflict were the Syreen, a race of space gypsies

who had escaped the Hierarchy by moving their vast fleet of slow-moving habitats into human space.

With the sides set, the last Ur-Quan offensive began.

How did the War end, Commander?

The Ur-Quan came roaring through VUX space, and tried to push past the Indi and Mira star systems.

Their onslaught was barely repulsed and our counter-attack made hardly a dent in Hierarchy forces

but we held the line -- The Coreward front remained intact.

Over the following ten years, there were many great battles between the combined Alliance starfleet

and the Ur-Quan and their Hierarchy of Battle Thralls.

Then, in 2134, a dramatic shift in the balance of power took place

this must have been just about the time the science research mission was sent to your planet at Vela

our fleets were pushed back from the Indi-Mira line to beyond Raynet.

Holding Rigel cost grievously in Chenjesu forces and the Ur-Quan, recognizing this weakness

shifted to focus the brunt of their forces on Procyon.

That was the last we heard from the Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm.

A few weeks later, waves of ships hit us from all directions.

When Ceres Station, our outpost in the Asteroid belt, fell to the Hierarchy, we knew we were beaten

but we fought on anyway.

Three days later the Ur-Quan vaporized our last remaining laser-forts on the moon

and Dreadnoughts took up geo-synchronous position above Rome

Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, London, Buenos Aires, and Washington.

We'd lost the War and we knew it, but the Ur-Quan decided to make it real clear

and that's why if you check our most recent maps, you won't find Buenos Aires.

What happened after the War?

After the UN submitted their formal surrender

we were given a week to decide the nature of our servitude.

The Ur-Quan demanded that the decision be made through popular vote.

When all the votes were tallied, Earth had chosen not to fight for the Ur-Quan

we had become a fallow slave world.

We were given a month to withdraw all our people and equipment to Earth.

Anyone or anything we left off-planet would be destroyed after the shield went up.

Then the Ur-Quan broadcast an odd message:

All objects of human construction more than 500 years old were 'to be abandoned'.

We didn't know what the Ur-Quan meant until they moved their Dreadnoughts to new orbital positions

and opened fire on the surface with their fusion weapons.

In seconds, large sections of London, Paris, and other European cities were incinerated.

At first we thought they were going to annihilate us after all

and we noticed that they were also striking such targets as the Giza Pyramids

the Parthenon in Athens, and Stonehenge. Curiously, The United States was almost untouched.

The flaming rain lasted for 40 hellish hours.

It took days after we crawled from our smouldering shelters to realize what the Ur-Quan had done.

Our new masters had targeted every building, monument or other man-made construction older than 500 years

and destroyed it.

In those two days, we lost most of the history of mankind.

In some cases, the Ur-Quan destroyed places

which we did not even suspect were significant.

From their positions in orbit, the Dreadnoughts blew away a kilometer of land in central Iraq

vaporized several targets in the Amazon rain forest

punched a big hole through the antarctic icecap to destroy something deep under the surface

and melted a broad swath of the ocean floor in the south-eastern Atlantic.

Then, just a couple of days later, the shield went up

and our contact with the outside world stopped.

The next time I saw the stars was 8 years ago,

when I was transferred up here to be the new commander of this starbase.

Thanks, Commander, for the briefing.

Would you like information on any other aspect of history?

I need some information on ancient galactic history.

We have some data on this subject. What do you want to know about?

What can you tell me about the Precursors?

Hell, you probably know more about them than I do, but here goes... about 200,000 years ago

when our great-to-the-nth-grandparents were just starting to play with stone knives and bearskins

a starfaring species suddenly appeared on the galactic scene and spread like wildfire.

We've found evidence of their presence just about everywhere

from an orbital platform in Alpha Centauri, to a stack of DataPlates in a cave on Pluto

to some nameless widget found in a voodoo shop in New Orleans.

Though we've never found a Precursor body, or even a picture of one

we can conjecture what they looked like by examining the scale and layout of their equipment

Such an analysis indicates that they were giants, say 5 to 8 meters tall and twice as wide.

I don't know if they looked more like a brontosaur or an elephant.

Anyway, about three thousand years after the Precursors made their dramatic appearance

they vanished, poof! As far as we can tell, it took less than a decade to happen.

What about other races from the ancient past?

You mean besides the Precursors? Well, the only information I have is second-hand

based on some research by a Chenjesu historian that I read at the Academy.

Tzzz-Tzer-Tzak, the historian, found some evidence that there was a group of alien races

who formed an interstellar empire not too far from here about 22,000 years ago.

The only species in this empire who actually lived in our region of space

was a race of rock-like creatures who lived in the Vulpeculae constellation.

The presence of the hostile Androsynth in that part of space

severely limited Tzzz-Tzer-Tzak's research.

He never even found out the race's name.

Is there any indication that aliens visited Earth in the past?

Yes, there is.

Aside from the Precursor relics we have found on Earth --

-- often in museums, mislabelled as 'modern art' --

-- we have discovered disturbing evidence of much more recent visitations.

Perhaps you are already aware that during the mid-to-late 20th century

there were uncountable UFO sightings, as well as dozens of reported 'encounters' with alien life forms.

Although we can discount many of the reports as wishful fabrication or trauma-translation

the military authorities of that time kept a secret record of the 'incidents' which were legitimate.

In each such case, the aliens are almost identical in appearance.

They have white skin and minimal facial features except for huge, almond-shaped eyes

which are often described as 'glowing' or 'luminescent'.

This description fits, almost perfectly, the Ariloulaleelay.

In most all of the legitimate encounters

the people involved described being physically examined or modified by the aliens.

In some cases, unusual pregnancies occurred, and in almost every instance

there were repeat visitations

as though the Ariloulaleelay were doing 'check-ups' on their subjects.

We never got a chance to confront the Ariloulaleelay about what they did to us and why.

I wonder if we ever will?

This is fascinating, but I must move on.

Would you like information on any other aspect of history?

No more history, thank you.

Sure. Anything else?

I would like your input on how we can defeat the Ur-Quan.

Can you be more specific?

Where can I find the most useful, plentiful mineral resources?

If you have the patience, I would recommend you spend several months or even a year gathering mineral resources.

You can find such minerals on almost any planet surface,

but the quality and density will vary depending on the type of planet you're on.

Base metals are probably the most common minerals you'll find, but they aren't particularly valuable.

You can find rarer precious and radioactive elements on metal-rich worlds such as Mercury.

An old miner once told me you could tell the relative quality of a planet's minerals

based on the planet's color as seen from space. To remember the color sequence from good to bad

the miner had a mnemonic that went something like

Very Young Orangutans Could Grow Bananas, Perhaps Rather Well.

It is also the case that mineral yields will be better at hotter stars.

Temperature is related to the size and color of a star.

Red stars are coolest, then orange, yellow, green, blue, and the hottest stars are white.

How should I deal with aliens I meet?

That all depends on whom you meet, doesn't it, Captain?

In all seriousness, if you encounter the Ilwrath, VUX, Androsynth, or other Hierarchy battle thralls

I wouldn't hold out much hope for a peaceful encounter

so if you feel you have the advantage, attack!

The resources you will scavenge from the enemies' wreckage are well worth the effort.

If you can find Alliance races who are in a position to help us

you MUST convince them to join with us!

Their assistance may be crucial to our success.

If you were in my shoes, what would you do now?

Hmm... let's see...

I guess I'd go gather more minerals to build up a good supply of resource units.

Use the Resource Units you have accumulated to improve your flagship.

Your flagship is in pretty good shape

You should investigate building alliances with non-hostile alien races.

Their assistance is crucial to our success.

You have established several successful alliances with alien races

You need to build combat escorts and assemble a fleet to accompany you through space.

Build up your fleet of combat vessels.

Their additional strength and the flexibility granted by their various powers

will greatly enhance your ability to survive in space.

You've assembled a good-sized fleet of combat ships

We must find a chink in the Ur-Quan's armor --

-- a weakness that will allow us to focus our strength in such a way

that we can destroy their entire empire in a single, bold stroke.

You know the Ur-Quan's Achilles' heel -- their Sa-Matra super-starship

My guess is you need to upgrade further your flagship

to make it more than a match for any enemy ship you might encounter.

You have constructed a flagship of unrivaled power

You've got the bomb from the Utwig

You must find some way to destroy the Ur-Quan supership, the Sa-Matra.

Although the bomb you got from the Utwig is horrendously powerful

I'm afraid our computer projections show that the explosion will not be sufficient

to break through the Sa-Matra's defenses.

You must find some way to increase the energy output of the weapon.

Perhaps the Chenjesu, with their superior scientific knowledge, could have done this

but unfortunately, we do not currently possess the technology to achieve this modification.

The Chmmr have modified your ship to route its weapon power through the Utwig bomb

I'm certain you need to assemble a more powerful fleet of combat ships before you face the Sa-Matra.

You have amassed a powerful fleet of combat ships

You must figure out how to eliminate or destroy the Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah ships guarding the Sa-Matra.

Go attack the Ur-Quan Sa-Matra vessel!

Although I'm sure it will be a difficult battle

you have everything you need to achieve victory.


You need to build up and balance the strength of your flagship; specifically, I would

Add thrusters up to say, 5 or 6.

Speed is essential in combat, but it will also pay off over the long haul in HyperSpace

and if you prefer to avoid confrontation, nothing beats a great pair of legs.

Maximize your ship's thrusters. You will need the speed when you finally confront the Ur-Quan.

Add turning jets for increased maneuverability

Maximize rotation speed by filling your turning jet slots

Add enough weapons to defend yourself if you are caught without escort ships

Take advantage of your ship's capacity for combat by increasing its firepower.

Add more weaponry

You need more crew, at least 50, to make productive voyages into space

You need even more crew, perhaps as many as 200, to face the challenges ahead

You need additional fuel, at least 50 units

You need large quantities of fuel, at least 150 units

Increase your cargo capacity by adding more Storage Bays to your flagship

Build more landers

You need at least one lander

Your weapons will be underpowered in combat if you do not have at least 1 dynamo

You need more dynamo power;

otherwise your weapon re-energizing delays will be your undoing in combat

I suggest you invest in one or more point-defense laser batteries.

How can we deal with the Ur-Quan?

Captain, I wish I had an easy answer, but I don't.

The only way I can see of liberating Earth, as well as our Alliance allies

is to destroy the Ur-Quan and their armada of battle thralls entirely.

Commander, how can we engineer the fall of the Ur-Quan Hierarchy?

To defeat our enemies, we will need awesome strength, both in your flagship and fleet

as well as the assistance of powerful new allies.

Though combat will be unavoidable, and sometimes necessary to achieve our goals

I am certain that your wits will be at least as important as your weapons.

You will need to explore this region of space, gathering resources and information wherever you go.

How can I find the Ur-Quan?

I don't know, Captain,

but I suspect their battle thralls know more than we do;

so I suggest you try to gather information from them, perhaps by force.

How can we attack the Ur-Quan most effectively?

At first, your ship will be far too vulnerable to permit frontal assaults on the Ur-Quan.

Even when your ship is at full power, we are faced with the reality

that the Hierarchy has THOUSANDS of ships.

You cannot win the fight alone, Captain. You will need allies.


towards the end of the War, when the Hierarchy broke through the coreward front,

we heard rumors that the Ur-Quan had unleashed some kind of super-weapon

which was unstoppable by normal means.

You need to find out if that rumor was true, Captain

because if the Ur-Quan do have such a weapon, we will have to find some way to stop it

or all our efforts are for naught.

How can I make alliances and with whom?

If you encounter an unknown alien race, proceed carefully and diplomatically --

-- we need all the friends we can get, and we certainly can't afford any more enemies.

Remember, Captain, with your Precursor starship, you hold a 'stick' of awesome power

but there will be situations when dealing with an alien race

where a 'carrot' will serve far better than a 'stick'.

But first you must determine what 'carrot' the alien wants.

What is the fastest way for us to build up our strength?

You need to accumulate enough resources so that we can build up your flagship

and assemble a strong fleet. I would also recommend

that you acquire blueprints for other, more powerful ships than our trusty Cruiser.

I suspect that aliens will not give you such 'prints unless you form an alliance with them.

Let us move on to another topic.

What else can we discuss?

I have learned what I need to know about this subject, for now.

What else can I tell you?

I do not require additional information.

Fine. Is there anything else you need?

Goodbye, Commander.

We're all depending on you. Goodbye and good luck!

Goodbye, Captain {Name}

Bring back lots of minerals, Captain {Name}

Return soon, Captain {Name}

Farewell Captain {Name}

Try to avoid getting gruesomely killed, Captain {Name}

We shall await your return, Captain {Name}

Blow up an Ur-Quan for me, Captain {Name}

Be careful out there, Captain {Name}

Before we go on, I have something important to tell you

There is something I think you should know about

By the way, I thought you should know

Before we proceed, I wanted to let you know

I have some information I think you should hear

I've been waiting to inform you of a new situation

I know you're busy, but I have some news

Would you repeat your most recent bulletins?

Of course

Captain, a delegation of Spathi has just arrived here under orders from their High Council

to form an alliance and assist us against the Hierarchy!

They have provided fabricator blueprint data for their 'Eluder' spacecraft

and promise a steady supply of captains for as many ships as we build.

Excellent work, Captain!

It would appear that your diplomatic efforts have struck gold, Captain.

We have been contacted by a race called the Zoq-Fot-Pik

who wish to fulfill their part of 'the Unification' --

-- something you have arranged with them, I gather.

They have sent us specifications for their Stinger-class attack vessels

as well as a large number of Zoq-Fot-Pik commanding officers.

You're doing a fine job, Captain.

A race of plant creatures called the Supox have arrived in your absence, Captain.

They offered use of their ship designs and will supply as many starship captains as we require.

I, of course, accepted their offer immediately.

A small contingent of Utwig has visited.

After spending a few days setting up our fabricators to build their Jugger starships

and providing us with a few capable commanders they departed.

Captain, if you continue to build such strong alliances

we will surely win our battle against the Ur-Quan!

We have been invaded by an alien race calling themselves the `Orz', though so far the invasion is a friendly one.

The fishlike creatures have been stomping around the base in their robotic walking exoskeletons

which look like combat vac-suits, if you ask me.

Based on the summary reports I've seen on their `Nemesis' ship design, I have but a single comment:

I like it!

I'd say we have quite a nasty little surprise in store for the Ur-Quan the next time you tangle with them.

Good news, Captain!

With no announcement, a small fleet of Ariloulaleelay popped into space adjacent to our starbase

scaring the hell out of the Deep-Radar operator, I might add.

But right now I could kiss every one of those pale little weirdos

because they gave us three Skiff vessels!

We are receiving a priority distress call from the Zoq-Fot Homeworld at Alpha Tucanae.

The signal was urgent but extremely weak. The only portions of the transmission we can be sure of are:





`WORSE THAN ZEBRANKY!' (whatever that means)

and finally


A previously unknown alien race has recently made contact with our base.

They call themselves the Melnorme, and are anxious to initiate trading relations with us.

If we are interested, they suggest making a rendezvous at Alpha Centauri.

The Melnorme have returned, wondering when you will meet them.

They seemed friendly but were unwilling to deal with us,

claiming that we had no data they consider valuable.

They said to make contact with them in any supergiant star system.

Our deep-space monitoring team has detected faint alien signals coming from


or somewhere in that general direction.

The emanations are definitely being generated from within the solar system

and could represent the presence of a Hierarchy spy.

We have a major situation Captain!

As of a few days ago, all Spathi starship captains have vanished from our starbase.

We do not know how or why, but until we receive replacements from Spathiwa

you will be unable to commission any additional Spathi Eluder vessels for your fleet.

We are being bathed in broad-beam HyperWave transmission from the direction of the Rigel star system.

Due to the broadcast's wide dispersion, we cannot discern its content.

We have made a formal alliance with the Chmmr.

Their ships can now be built in our shipyards.

The Shofixti have returned!

Their ships can now be built in our shipyards.

With their vast numbers swelling our ranks

we won't have to worry about running out of able-bodied crew

and I am sure their volunteers will reduce the cost for new crew.

We have detected a minute but measurable disturbance in the InterSpace fabric

at approximate TrueSpace coordinate 100:50.

Our scientists speculate that this disturbance may be caused by many thousands of HyperWarp penetrations

all in phase -- as though a huge fleet of ships were on the move.

In the log of your voyage from Unzervalt, I read that you encountered

a tumbling, red probe that attacked the Tobermoon, killing Captain Burton.

Over the past few months, we have monitored an increasing number of these probes entering the system

and I am afraid their population seems to be growing geometrically.

If this continues, in a year, space will be crawling with these things.

I recommend you treat this as a serious problem now, before it becomes a disaster.

Discover who is producing those probes and stop them from creating any more.

This seems strange to me, and I considered not even bringing it up

but not long ago, six of my people fell unconscious simultaneously for no apparent reason.

When they awoke hours later, they reported being overwhelmed

by a feeling that something VERY wrong had taken place.

The Med Techs couldn't find anything wrong with these crew members, but they discovered one correlation.

All six of them have exceptionally high esper ratings.

In the two weeks which have passed since the Chmmr began work on your vessel

they have attached the Utwig bomb to your ship, and have also put in place

their own crystalline amplification devices to boost dramatically the power of the weapon.

This work is now complete, and your flagship is ready for whatever final modifications you desire.

The Chmmr technicians wanted me to explain to you that the bomb and its crystal power boosters

are fragile and cannot be moved from their positions at the back of your vehicle.

Now I have some bad news and some good news.

The Chmmr had to remove all your main modules, weapons, crew pods, the whole lot

including your emergency warp escape unit

so pick your engagements carefully, Captain.

In addition, their equipment now fills the rear ten slots leaving you only six for your own modules.

But here's the good news

The Chmmr have provided us with an unbelieveable wealth of minerals and other resources.

We no longer have limits on what we can build for your flagship, or your fleet.

I have somber news.

For weeks now we have been scanning space in the direction of the Tucanae stars

hoping to hear some word from our Zoq-Fot-Pik allies

with no success. We must assume that something grave has happened to them.

We did receive an alien broadcast however -- it rang through space like an electronic howl.

I think the best way to describe it would be


Captain, I have an unpleasant topic to discuss with you, but this needs to be resolved right away.

There is some kind of wild rumor blowing around the starbase

that you have sold your own crew to the Druuge as slaves.

Pretty crazy, eh?

Look Captain, I know you would never do anything like that, and I'm sorry I even had to mention this

but now I can assure everyone that this is just one of those damn fool lies that gets spread during wartime.

Thank you for your patience, Captain.

I have just received incontrovertible evidence

that you HAVE been selling members of your own crew to the Druuge.

Captain, how could you!? Don't you know what the Druuge will use those men and women for?

Cannon-fodder, plain and simple. They are probably already dead, thanks to you.

It's a crime, Captain, a heinous crime -- even during wartime.

You must assure me that you will NEVER do this again!

Even with that assurance, great damage has been done.

With the word out on what you have done, it's going to be pretty damn hard to recruit volunteers

for your next trip.

I expect the RU cost for crew will sky-rocket.

I cannot believe what I have just heard.

Captain, you are a heinous SLAVE-TRADER!

Your exchanges with the Druuge have become a horror story throughout the starbase!

If anyone here is stupid enough to join your crew, I expect the RU cost will be skyhigh.

If you weren't our only hope for freedom, Captain

I'd kill you where you stand.

As it is, expect me to bring charges against you when this is all over.

Well Captain, we have another problem.

Your efforts on our behalf have been amazing, I truly believe that we may win this struggle

but these achievements have not been gained without a price.

Over a thousand of my people have gone away with you on your ship

and not returned.

A THOUSAND, Captain!

Crew are quickly becoming a valuable commodity, Captain

and I expect their RU cost will reflect this.

That's all for now, Captain.


What is the analysis of my recent acquisitions?

The analysis reads as follows:

The next entry in the analysis is:

SUBJECT: QuasiSpace Portal Spawner.

DATA: Device is a hybrid of different alien technologies, including Arilou and Ur-Quan elements.

Our tests show that this device temporarily creates a weakness in the fabric between HyperSpace

and a different, unidentified dimension. The energy cost for this process is extreme

and since the unit's power supply is self-contained, we cannot estimate how long it will remain functional.

SUMMARY: Use of this device will permit a starship to make transit to a different dimension.

The hazards and benefits of this process are impossible to gauge without field study.

SUBJECT: Talking Pet Lifeform.

DATA: This creature is physiologically identical to the so-called Ur-Quan `Talking Pet' with one notable exception.

It is highly intelligent, and evidences strong psychic capabilities.

Initial AIQR tests rated it well above human super-genius

though immediately after we made this shocking assessment

its scores dropped into the normal/sub-normal range.

Interviews with the subject have shown it to be cooperative

though a class-IV pan-species psychological profile places the creature far into the Furtive-Hateful domain.

There were also some disturbing incidents where

we talked about roses, daisies, and other pretty flowers!

SUMMARY: Everything's okay! We have nothing to worry about with this cuddly little guy.

Not one thing!

SUBJECT: Utwig Bomb Device.

DATA: Analysis has yielded little information about this device

largely because of our technicians' unwillingness to open it, or even remove the bomb from your ship.

That aside, here's what we know so far

The device is correctly defined as a Bomb... one of enormous destructive potential

but it is not of Utwig origin -- nothing about it relates to the technology we see in the Jugger ship.

We believe it to be of late Precursor origin, though it somewhat resembles certain Chenjesu technology.

Its original function? -- Probably a planeteering tool for dispersing unwanted moons.

SUMMARY: Unless there is a strong reason to do otherwise


Any experimentation should be conducted AT LEAST 12 AU from this starbase

preferably a bit further.

SUBJECT: Sun Device.

DATA: The unit contains a power generator whose output magnitude is simply mind-croggling.

When activated, the device radiates energy equivalent to less than 1/100 of 1% of our sun

however, when placed close to a planet, perhaps in orbit, its output would rival Sol's.

SUMMARY: Another Precursor tool, the energy output of which can replace or augment a sun's radiance.

SUBJECT: Shofixti Maidens.

DATA: Subjects appear to be 16 Shofixti females, all in young adulthood.

Subjects appear to be in good condition, with little or no freezer burn or other degeneration.

Hibernation maintenance units are functioning normally, and resuscitation equipment is easily activated.

SUMMARY: We can wake them, but why? What shall we tell them? That they are an extinct species?

Until such a time as we feel we can induce artificial parthenogenesis

or otherwise give the Shofixti sexual viability, our recommendation is to keep them as they are


SUBJECT: Rosy Sphere Device.

DATA: The specimen is 5 centimeters in diameter, perfectly smooth

and composed of a blood-red translucent substance.

Tests show that it has atypical ferro-magnetic properties, but is utterly non-conductive.

SUMMARY: Probably a Precursor tool -- function unknown.

SUBJECT: Aqua Helix Device.

DATA: This device is composed of a light blue, super-hard substance which rates Mohs-13.

The object is composed of a flat ribbon of homogenous material approximately 1 meter in length

and it is twisted in a perfect helix.

Focused-ion and nucleo-magnetic scans reveal little about its interior.

SUMMARY: Unknown design. Unknown origin. Unknown function.

SUBJECT: Clear Spindle Device.

DATA: The object in question has no clear use or means of activation

but does have super-conductive characteristics between 18 and 22 degrees C.

We suspect that it is of Precursor manufacture, but we cannot be certain without extended study.

SUMMARY: In all likelihood, this object is a part of a larger device whose capabilities remain unknown.

SUBJECT: Ultron Device.

We put this thing through every test we've got, and came up with the same results as if we'd used a fork

nothing, zero, zip.

If this thing ever functioned -- which we doubt -- it certainly won't now.

Age and physical stress have long since robbed it of whatever `mystical powers' it might once have had.

SUMMARY: In the future, please don't waste our valuable time on junk like this so-called `Ultron.'

SUBJECT: Ultron Device.

DATA: At first we thought this was a piece of junk -- in fact it may still be just that

but when you submitted it to us, we infused it with gamma radiation

and found that the scatter signature was identical to the patterns

recorded from the `Empties', the `Singing Hoops', and `the Big Dud'

which were all found in the Precursor burrows on Procyon.

SUMMARY: We are now convinced that this is a Precursor tool, but it remains dysfunctional.

SUBJECT: Ultron Device.

DATA: The Ultron is partially functional, and we can detect energy emission from the device.

We suspect that the unit requires additional minor repairs before achieving full functionality

and until that time, we cannot make an assessment of its capabilities.

SUMMARY: A single additional replacement part should bring the Ultron to life.

SUBJECT: Ultron.

DATA: We have determined that the so-called `Ultron' is in fact the `Appendages of Dawn'

described in the Precursor fragment found on Rigel in 2123.

In the partially translated Precursor text, the device is described as a `Mental Amplifier'

which focuses the mental energies of the holder `for the purpose of discrete change'.

Unfortunately, human brain emanations do not seem compatible with the Ultron

nor do those of the allied species we have tested.

SUMMARY: Perhaps the Utwig, who claim to understand this device, can shed some light

on its true function and power.

SUBJECT: HyperWave Broad`Caster - Umgah Design.

DATA: This unit is capable of generating extremely intense HyperWave transmissions

though it is otherwise similar to our own `Casters.

SUMMARY: This thing would be great for practical jokes. You could scream `Boo!' from the Oort Cloud

and scare the pants, or whatever, off everyone in the system.

If you used it in HyperSpace, there's no telling who might hear you and come running.

SUBJECT: HyperWave Broad`Caster - Unknown Design.

DATA: This technology is new to us, and though a bit primitive by Alliance standards

it is capable of generating a VERY strong signal.

SUMMARY: Should you wish to call someone in HyperSpace, or send a message through a mile of steel

this baby would do just fine.

SUBJECT: Taalo Device.

DATA: Whoever the Taalo were, they were clever -- way past us. Probably even beyond the Chenjesu.

As far as I can tell, with all our equipment, this thing is

a rock. Just a rock, and nothing but a rock. However

If you feed a current into it, anywhere along its surface

everyone on board this starbase who has esper potential gets a bad headache.

Well, we checked a bit more into that, and when the Taalo thing is active

all evidence of psychon interaction is flatlined -- nothing gets through.

SUMMARY: If you keep this Taalo rock device thing on board your vessel

I'll bet you are immune to any form of psychic attack

or at least mostly immune.

SUBJECT: Mycon Egg Case.

DATA: We didn't really know Mycon came from eggs, but our analysis of this sheath

Further study shows that it has been subjected to phenomenal temperatures and pressures.

The most unusual aspect of the egg case is its size

we know Mycons range in height from .5 to 3.5 meters

but our reconstruction of the whole egg case shows it to be over 25 meters high!

SUMMARY: If a Mycon came out of this, it is probably really big.

SUBJECT: Syreen Pilot Shuttle.

DATA: As yet, the field research team has failed to report back to their group leaders.

When we called them, they described being deep in study

and wished to attend to a few important details before returning to the base.

SUMMARY: Several group leaders have volunteered to assist the field team to `help them where they can.'

SUBJECT: Hostile Alien Creature.

DATA: This is newly-promoted, junior scientist Hawkins reporting.

Dr. Chu -- he's the leader of this section -- is still in the sick bay.

He's been there ever since that thing took a swipe at him when he got too close to the cage.

I guess it's got, like, triple-jointed arms or something... with spikes and razor-plates all over.

Uh... data? Oh yeah, right

Subject is a Xenoteratomorph -- a big honkin' one, I might add.

Well, it eats everything -- plant and animal tissue, wood

ceramics, plastics, asbestos fibers

several types of metal

chairs, a desk and about half of everything a security officer wears.

What it doesn't eat, it chews, and what it doesn't chew

well, it just breaks up into tiny little pieces.

What... summary? Oh, yeah

SUMMARY: The sooner you get that thing off this starbase

the less likely it is that the thing will get loose and kill us all.

Uh... guess that's it.

SUBJECT: Slylandro Probe Destruct Code Sequence.

DATA: This is a complex sequence of program instructions

using an encryption sequence similar in some ways to the Rolling-Phung algorithm.

SUMMARY: When a Slylandro Probe approaches, open a hailing frequency, wait for a response

and then transmit the code.

SUBJECT: Ur-Quan Warp Pod.

DATA: This unit appears to be the core for the starboard warp pod of an Ur-Quan Dreadnought.

It is surprisingly similar to our own warp cores

but it generates a much stronger, tighter field than the equipment we have on our cruisers.

SUMMARY: For us, the Warp Pod is little more than a curiosity

though you may find some useful application for it in the future.

SUBJECT: Wimbli's Trident Device.

DATA: I presume this device is named `Wimbli's Trident'

because of the name, `Wimbli', crudely etched into its base.

SUMMARY: To be honest, Captain, I believe that the Druuge robbed you blind.

SUBJECT: Glowing Rod Device.

DATA: We had high hopes for this device, Captain, because of the constant, pulsing aura it generated.

However, I am afraid after investigating the object, and locating its concealed batteries' slot

we had to conclude that this was nothing more than a well-crafted toy.

SUMMARY: In the future, Captain, I would be very careful what I bought from the Druuge.

That's the end of our scientists' report.

Commander, I have minerals to offload.

The {Ship name}'s cargo manifest lists:

{x} Kilotons of common elements for {x} ResUnits

{x} Kilotons of corrosives for {2x} ResUnits

{x} Kilotons of base metals for {3x} ResUnits

{x} Kilotons of noble elements for {4x} ResUnits

{x} Kilotons of rare earths for {5x} ResUnits

{x} Kilotons of precious elements for {6x} ResUnits

{x} Kilotons of radioactives for {8x} ResUnits

{x} Kilotons of exotic substances for {25x} ResUnits

The more minerals you bring us, Captain {Name}, the faster you will be able to tackle the Ur-Quan.

Light load this time, Captain {Name}?

Another small load, Captain {Name}? Well, I suppose something is better than nothing.

I don't mean to criticize, Captain {Name}, but it would be more efficient if you could return with larger loads.

Pretty small amounts, {Name}.

Captain {Name}. Bringing these small amounts of minerals is not cost-effective. Try getting larger loads.

Not too much today, Captain {Name}. I hope you have better luck next time.

Not a bad job, Captain {Name}.

Good work, Captain {Name}.

Thanks, Captain {Name}.

Keep it coming, Captain {Name}.

Pretty fair load, Captain {Name}. Can you do better next time?

Don't stop now, Captain {Name}. We'll use every bit you bring us.

A fair haul, Captain {Name}. Maybe you should consider adding a storage bay so you can gather larger loads.

Excellent work, Captain {Name}!

This will really help, Captain {Name}.

A fine job, Captain {Name}!

Wow {Name}, you really hit the mother lode this time!

If you can keep this up {Name}, we'll turn that flagship of yours into a genuine Dreadnought-Killer.

Captain {Name}, you are to be commended. Keep up the good work!

More fuel for the fire, eh, Captain {Name}? That last load should keep it blazing!

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